The creation of modern plumbing with its delivery of clean water and removal of waste is credited with being one of the single most important inventions ever. Toilets, and the delivery of clean water into homes, are widely acknowledged to have saved more lives than anything else in the world, including modern medicine and vaccines.

The nature of plumbing products puts the plumbing industry on the front lines of the public health and safety. Safe plumbing systems are so common in developed nations, it can be difficult to remember the critical role of plumbing products in preventing the spread of bacteria and diseases.

Other health and safety issues arise in wet-bathroom environments, compelling innovations to protect users from hazards such as scalding and slipping, as well as to assist users of all ages and physical capabilities. Plumbing product manufacturers have designed smarter products to enable the greatest number of people to use the bathroom independently and always with dignity.

Lead in Plumbing: Numerous elements and minerals are present in our drinking water. Some occur naturally. Others enter or leach into the water on the journey from utility to faucet. Some of these elements are linked to emotional issues; most notably, lead.

Aging infrastructures, including pipe and plumbing system components, are the main contributors of trace amounts of lead in the water supply today

Pro Service Plumbing offers comprehensive testing and monitoring of your homes water supply system to ensure safe use and clean water. In some cases whole house filtration systems are recommended.

Managing Water Temperature for Safety & Comfort: The result of rapid temperature changes of the shower water is “thermal shock” that can lead to dangerous falls, caused by trying to scramble away from sudden discomfort. Scalding is also a real risk without pressure-balanced or thermostatic shower valves, where the user is actually burned by the extremely hot water. Pro Service Plumbing can recommend specific Pressure-balance and thermostatic valves limit the swing of water temperatures experienced by the customer. 

To minimize the risk of scalding and thermal shock of our customers, Pro Service Plumbing plumbing professionals ensure that acceptable methods of controlling hot water temperatures are installed & maintained per Ohio Plumbing Code. 

Safe Accessible Design: Pro Service Plumbing offers products designed with variations and special features to safely satisfy the needs of families throughout their lifecycles with ADA Compliant safety systems/ grab bars & fixtures.

Enhancing Sanitation: Pro Service Plumbing offers New antimicrobial advancements in our recommended plumbing products to help contribute safe sanitation, while delivering the hard-to-resist benefit of making it easier to clean the bathroom.